Opel - Test Center Dudenhofen
Opel Driver Training

Opel Driver Training

We’ll raise your awareness of borderline and dangerous situations. You’ll increase your personal driving skills and learn to master difficult situations confidently.

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Hotline: 01805-55 10

(14 ct/min from the German fixed-line network, Maximum mobile network price: 42 ct/min)

E-Mail: opel-fahrtraining@conteam.de


Why does Opel build such good cars? One of the answers can be found in Dudenhofen: the Opel Test Center. Here, our engineers enjoy the ideal conditions to meticulously test and optimize prototypes. The Dudenhofen grounds offer all kinds of tracks including steep turns, a high-speed oval track, a torture track, water crossings, etc. This makes it the perfect place to improve your driving skills. And with a little luck, you can take a look into the future and watch one of our latest prototypes being put through its paces.


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