Opel - Test Center

Opel Test Center

The Opel proving grounds – the perfect place for driver training.

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Hotline: 01805-55 10

(14 ct/min from the German fixed-line network, Maximum mobile network price: 42 ct/min)

E-Mail: opel-fahrtraining@conteam.de


Discover the amazing dynamics of Opel’s OPC vehicles on the OPC performance training course. It’s not jut a lot of fun, it also improves your everyday driving safety. One of the highlights is driving on the 4.8-kilometer high-speed oval track at the test site. Its 40-degree banks enable speeds over 200 km/h without lateral forces.


Learn to pilot our vehicles quickly and securely along the ideal racing line on our own racetrack with its 16 different curve radii. Pure adrenaline! As in a motor racing event, we measure relevant data and combine it with video recordings of the driver and the track – which are available for each participant to take home.


Book your OPC Performance Training here for only € 530,00! (PDF)