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It is vital that cars are safe. That’s why Opel never stops perfecting its security systems. But equally important is knowing how to control your vehicle.

Opel Driver Training can improve everyone’s driving skills. The training is suitable for all – male or female, novice or expert. Why? Because we offer training programs for different needs. Because our experienced instructors know how to share their knowledge. Because it’s fun and provides fascinating insights into the world of Opel. Because the driver training takes place at Opel’s Test Center - where all Opel prototypes are put through their paces.

Find out about the Opel Driver Training programs. We look forward to meeting you and answering all your questions.

Opel - Driver Training: Opel Test Center

Opel Test Center

This is where Opel tests its new cars – and the perfect place for Opel Driver Training.


Opel - Driver Training

Opel Driver Training

We will raise your awareness of dangerous and borderline situations. You will increase your personal driving skills and learn to master difficult situations confidently.


Opel - Driver Training: ECO Training

ECO Training

In our Opel ECO-Training you will learn an energy-efficient driving style that doesn’t translate into longer drive times and less fun behind the wheel.


Opel - Driver Training: OPC Performance Training

OPC Performance Training

Try a dynamic and sporty training program with unique driving experiences. Such as piloting a car at top speed on a 4.8 km track or following the ideal racing line on a real racetrack. Pure adrenaline!


Opel - Driver Training: OPC Compact Training

OPC Compact Training

Experience the amazing dynamics of our high-performance Opel models for 3 unforgettable hours in the Opel Test Center in Dudenhofen.


Opel - Driver Training: Opel Winter Training

Winter Training

Even the best drivers can reach their limits on winter roads. So to help you stay in control in snow and icy conditions, Opel offers a two-day winter driving course in picturesque Thomatal in the Austrian Alps.

Opel Driver Training - ADAM Rookie Training

ADAM Rookie Training

If you’ve just qualified to drive and have your first car in the garage or are about to get one – Opel’s ADAM Rookie Training program is tailored to meet your needs.

Opel Driver Training - Race Training Nürburgring

Race Training Nürburgring

The objective of the Nordschleife Driver Training is to get to know the most demanding racetrack in the world, and learn to master it step by step.